The Beaded Bracelet Sampler

I’m a sucker for a good crafty sampler. You know the ones. Cross-stitched alphabets, crocheted blankets with a new stitch motif for every row, quilts with 24 different blocks, each is an opportunity to learn so much in one project. In The Beaded Bracelet, author Carole Rodgers shares the beaded version of a sampler and I’m positively smitten with it.

As you can see in the photo above, the Sampler Bracelet is a collection of several different beaded strands. There are 8 strands, to be exact. Each one is woven using a singular stitch technique and unique color. From the techniques you learn in this one bracelet, a world of beaded bracelet possibilities opens up. Let’s take a look at what this one sampler allows you to aspire to stitch.


The chartreuse green strand in the Sampler Bracelet is woven with right-angle weave using instructions for either 1 or 2 needles. Once you’ve mastered this technique you’re able to tackle more difficult right-angle weave projects like the Beaded Beads Bracelet. One of Carole’s favorite things to do with right-angle weave is beaded beads. The two beads featured are some of the easiest to make.

Beaded Bracelet Sampler


The peachy salmon colored strand in the sampler is woven using peyote stitch, which is the most common stitch in beading. It’s a stitch that combines really well with other stitches. In The Beaded Bracelet, you’ll see Carole use tension to dramatically change the look of a design. Shown here, the Scalloped Peyote with Fringe Bracelet uses really loose tension to accentuate the scallops.

Beaded Bracelet Sampler


It’s the translucent lilac strand that is worked with square stitch in the Sampler Bracelet. It’s a stitch that looks exactly like loom beading without the need to warp a loom. In the sampler the square stitch strand doesn’t have any embellishments. In the more advanced projects, it’s used as a foundation to go wild with flourishes.


You’ll be practicing triangle weave when stitching the butter yellow strand of the sampler. Triangle weave is worked the same way as 1-needle right-angle weave, but with 3 beads instead of 4. Carole says you’re not alone if you find triangle weave confusing. There’s something about 3-sided patterns that are just a bit trickier than others. Keep practicing though!


Until she wrote The Beaded Bracelet, Carole had never tried brick stitch. Knowing that no beaded bracelet book would be complete without including it, she gave it a go. The results are beautiful! First, work alternating brick stitch in the sampler bracelet, it’s the light and dark turquoise strand. Then you’re ready to jump into one of the bold, graphic designs like the trapezoid bracelets. Or, take alternating brick stitch a step further in beautiful crystal embellished bracelets.

Beaded Bracelet Sampler


The woven strand using both light and dark pink beads is made with netting stitch. As Carole says, “Most off-loom beading could technically be called netting, but for our purposes here we are referring to netting as the regular or irregular open-bead fabric that results when one or more beads are joined to a previous row, resulting in a pattern of openings.”


The transparent brown strand of the sampler is stitched using herringbone weave. In the book, you’ll learn both flat and rope variations of the stitch. Herringbone weave rope is a personal favorite of mine. I love the way the beads stack when forming the rope and it rolls on the wrist beautifully. You can make the bracelet with or without an art bead accent, as seen in the image below.

Beaded Bracelet Sampler

If you can remember the start of this post, you’ll note that I said the Sampler Bracelet features 8 unique strands. However, I’ve only shown you 7. Can you guess what the 8th stitch is? If you think you know what stitch made the black and white strand, share in the comments below! Then grab a copy of The Beaded Bracelet to stitch your own Sampler Bracelet and discover all the gorgeous beaded bracelets you can make with these wonderful bead weaving techniques.

Kerry Bogert
Editorial Director, Books

Stitch your own beaded sampler today with The Beaded Bracelet!



  1. Pamela K at 8:32 am November 7, 2018

    Its somewhat hard to see, but it appears to be ladder stitch! This bracelet is a great idea to teach the variety of techniques.

    • Marian P at 10:33 am November 7, 2018

      Yes, I would say ladder stitch. The bracelet looks really lovely yet so simple. Beautiful

  2. Marian P at 10:36 am November 7, 2018

    Yes, I would say ladder stitch too. It’s a great bracelet & so simple. Beautiful.

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