Thankful for Beads… and You!

It’s no secret that gratitude is good for you. Appreciation and thankfulness are smart practices year-round, but this time of year brings a special opportunity to express it out loud. At Beading Daily we decided to express our gratitude visually, because we’re so appreciative of our beads and beading friends. Maybe you’d like to share this meme with your beading friends this week, too?

Thankful from Beading Daily

What else are we thankful for this Thanksgiving? Read on!

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to express myself creatively; that I’m part of a global community of makers with a myriad of materials; that I have the freedom to share my ideas and learn from others; and that I work with just about the best people around.”  Jean Cox, Beading editorial director

“I’m thankful for my wonderful and creative coworkers and the opportunity to work in a career that I’m passionate about–beading and crafting. ” Melinda Barta, Editor, Beadwork magazine

“I’m thankful that my profession allows me to work with other creative, like-minded individuals who take pride in wearing handmade garments and accessories, and who are thrilled to share their knowledge and talents with the rest of us!” Debbie Blair, Editor, Jewelry Stringing magazine

“I am thankful I have a job I can be creative in!” –Hollie Kuhlmann, Online Marketing Manager

“I’m thankful for an amazing job that allows not only to be creative but also to view all of the fabulous and creative things that others make. It’s so wonderful to work with such a talented team of editors, designers, and contributors—all of whom inspire me every day!” –Lindsay Jarvis, Promotions Editor

“I’m thankful to be surrounded by people who, each day, encourage and inspire me to grow—whether that’s creatively, spiritually, personally, and more.” –Megan Lenhausen, Associate Editor


You are the reason we comb our hair, brush our teeth, and get to the office each day, excited to make beautiful products that we know will inspire, educate, and excite you. Thank you! (We’re also expressing our gratitude by offering great pre-Black Friday deals in the Interweave Store today..check them out! I’m especially excited by the low-cost CD collections of our favorite magazines.)

Happy Thanksgiving and happy beading!


Jean Cox, Beading editorial director

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