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We always have a lot of fun putting together each issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine–we want to make sure you are having just as much fun reading it! So we've written up a few questions that we hope you will take the time to answer. It's easy: click on the image or link below, select an answer to each of our 15 questions, and click "Done".

If you have anything to add (specific parts of the magazine that you like or don't like, changes or ideas that you would like to suggest for future issues, etc.), just type them out in one of the comment boxes as you fill out the survey.

It is important to us that we are providing our readers with exactly the type of content that they would like to see in the magazine, so we appreciate any and all input that you can give us!

Thank you!



Tell Us What You Think!

Announcing our new readership survey

As you continue to receive our e-newsletters and read things that we've posted on the website, we hope you're getting to know the members of the Spin-Off staff a little better. Through our talk about spinning, little glimpses into our personal lives peek through and begin to paint a picture of who we are beyond spinning and making magazines: Amy, the devoted mom who also loves to garden, bead, and read;  Linda, who's passion for textiles and the people who make them has led her to the far reaches of the globe; and me, the relative neophyte and eternal dabbler, always learning and excited to try something new. (Sounds like the premise of a great TV show!)

Tell us what you think—take our 2010
readership survey!

Spinners are a warm and friendly lot, and we love getting to know you better too—through your letters, emails, and phone calls. We value your feedback, and we use it to shape the magazine, the website, and everything else we do.

While we've been creating reams of pages of information and techniques for handspinners—over three decades' worth!—the craft has evolved and spread beyond our imagination. While we once felt that our mission was to preserve a dying craft, today our challenge is to stay abreast of a thriving, growing one.

We love this challenge, but we need you. We like to occasionally take a fresh look at Spin-Off in hopes of keeping it relevant and satisfying for our long-term subscribers, as well as inviting and stimulating for new spinners who are embracing the notion of making their own yarn. In addition to the individual correspondence you send us, this formal survey is a great way for us to compile your thoughts in a very usable way. We're asking you to give your best and most honest opinions and ideas about what's working well, what you like and what you don't, and what we can do to make Spin-Off the best it can be in the future.

Please click here to take our 2010 readership survey. Thank you so much for your help!


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