Teal & Copper Gemstone Earrings – Free Gift Wrapping

Copper chandeliers & teal natural stone earrings.

Gorgeous teal natural stones swing from antiqued copper chandeliers and copper ear wires. These are fantastic earrings that move constantly with every motion of your head.

The earrings measure 2 1/8 gorgeous inches and dangles from copper ear wires.

We're learning more about this gorgeous, natural gemstone. It's one where nature had fun – the color is natural, no dye. It's a mix of azurite, chrysocolla, with a little copper and malachite in a quartz base! The mix probably occurred near volcanic activity hundreds of millions of years ago. In other words, God, Mother Earth, Nature – which ever you believe, was doing what He/she/it does best – creation of magnificent, awe inspiring absolute beauty. 

In case you are wondering, yes, we do get very excited about the stones we work with. There is such majesty, beauty, natural serenity, and wonder all around us. These cool, smooth, wonderful stones are so much a part of our world.

We have a gorgeous teal and copper necklace that coordinates perfectly with these earrings – 


We also have other original design earrings. Here are a couple of them:





We include free gift wrapping with all orders. We wrap each piece of jewelry in colored tissue and place it in an organza bag – just right for giving.

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