Teach Others How to Bead with Beading Diagrams

Sample Diagram StarburstYou know how a picture speaks a thousand words? A good beading diagram, I would argue, speaks way more than that. Written instructions will only get you (and your students and customers) only so far without some kind of images to illustrate the concepts and thread paths that you’re trying to communicate with them, and that’s why knowing how to create your own beading diagrams is so important when you’re writing patterns and tutorials to teach others how to bead.

Creating your own beading diagrams can be a major hurdle for anyone who wants to write and sell their own beading tutorials. Most software programs used to create vector diagrams can be costly and have a huge learning curve, which means less time spent beading and more time spent in front of the computer.

But bead artist and author Kassie Shaw can show you how to draw your own beading diagrams for tutorials and beading patterns by using a piece of software you probably already own – Microsoft Word! And now you have the opportunity to listen, watch, and learn live when you register for DIY Bead Diagrams: How to Draw Bead Charts With Microsoft Word on Tuesday, July 28, 2015 at 1 p.m. ET.

Sample Diagram Cosmos

Kassie will walk us through how to create illustrations for simple beads, combining shapes, making custom bead shapes, drawing thread paths, and how to label each diagram with text for a fully comprehensive beading pattern or tutorial. You’ll learn time-saving tips and tricks so that you can create these diagrams quickly and easily, and spend more time beading and less time illustrating!

When you register now for DIY Bead Diagrams, and even if you can’t attend the live presentation, you’ll be among the first to receive a link to the recorded presentation so that you can watch it over and over again as you take notes and practice creating your own beading diagrams. If you are able to attend the live presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Kassie questions and have them answered at the end of the presentation.

Imagine what you can do when you learn how to create your own beading diagrams to teach others how to bead!

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  1. Kathy R at 9:38 pm April 9, 2017

    I’m so looking forward to the class I’m giddy

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