Take Your Jewelry Making to the Next Level

If you’re ready to go from enjoying making jewelry as a hobby and selling a few pieces here and there to establishing yourself as a jewelry business, ask yourself a few questions. How are your jewelry sales? Do you have repeat customers? Are people just waiting for your next handmade jewelry design in the series? Can your customers recognize your work right off? These are keys to a successful brand and usually to a successful business.

Flourish & Thrive are offering their “Collection Development Blueprint: A 360 Approach to Creating a Signature (Jewelry) Brand” to you at Craft U. This course is geared toward helping teach you how to create and curate a jewelry collection and create a signature style.

create a signature style

Create a signature style


Robin and Tracy, co-founders of Flourish & Thrive have been in the jewelry business for over 40 years, collectively. Their goal is to help jewelry making businesses succeed by sharing their experiences and proven tactics.

a collection of quality handmade jewelry

a collection of quality handmade jewelry

Robin actually helped Tracy, then a jewelry designer, find greater business success. At the time, Tracy was enjoying jewelry making and selling her finished designs to boutiques and small specialty stores. She had a love of making and trying different techniques and working with different materials. Tracy had a lot of work to sell but found it was hard to acquire her dream clients.

questions to consider asking yourself and questions Flourish and Thrive will help you answer

questions to consider


By shaping her jewelry designs into a curated cohesive collection, Tracy was soon seeing the results she had hoped for, selling her finished jewelry line through larger retailers, including Bloomingdales, Sundance, and Anthropologie, appreciating over 1 million in annual sales.

As an example, here is a successfully curated cohesive collection of jewelry by artist Saundra Messinger. Saundra uses the same material, the same finish, and provides the same feel throughout her collection, yet does this through many different designs. Saundra Messinger, a collection of silver jewelry

Saundra Messinger, a collection of silver jewelry

Robin loves to help people and has made it her mission to help through all she does. Tracy has changed course and now shares the secrets to her success via their courses at Flourish & Thrive.

Join Robin and Tracy to find your path to success. I look forward to hearing about the changes you make in your direction and to celebrating your success!


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