Take Those Seed Bead Patterns and Make Them Your Own!

Have you ever looked at a seed bead pattern in the pages of a magazine and wondered how you could make it your own? Of course, it's always fun shopping for new beads when you want to make a particular beading project, but that's not always possible. Or maybe you're one of those beaders like me who just wants to get started working on a new seed bead pattern right away and you dive into your stash to see what beads you have that can work with a particular beading project.

Marilyn Aronson's Confetti Spiral peyote bracelet can easily be customized based on your color choices and your favorite beads!

If you don't have exactly the right beads specified in a seed bead pattern, you probably have beads that will work just as well with a few adjustments. Do you need some more ideas for customizing a seed bead pattern? Here are three ideas to get you started!

Change the Colors! The easiest way to customize any seed bead pattern is to just use your favorite colors. Love the texture and components of a new beading pattern, but don't love the pinks and blues of the seed beads used in the project? Substitute your own colors and make that seed bead pattern your own! You might be surprised at how using your favorite colors can completely change the look of a beading project!

Swap out Your Favorite Beads! If you're not a fan of Czech druks, you can probably substitute a round Swarovski crystal bead in most seed bead patterns. You can also try substituting size 6o beads for a 3mm bead in a seed bead pattern to give the project a different texture.

Tina Koyama's Porcupine Cuff is just begging to be customized with your favorite colors and fringe beads.

If you're going to swap out some of the beads in a seed bead pattern, it's a good idea to work a few rows or rounds of the pattern to see how the stitching works with the new beads. Don't be afraid to rip out what you've done and start over if your beads aren't working. Remember that if you use beads of a different size or slightly different shape, you may have to make some adjustments in the pattern as you go along.

Create a Variation on the Theme! You don't have to stitch up the seed bead pattern exactly the way that it's printed. In fact, playing with the directions of a seed bead pattern can lead to accidental discoveries and new beaded jewelry designs. Even using a different beadweaving stitch than the one called for in the original pattern can lead you down a whole new beading path!

Start your experiments with customizing your seed bead patterns by using easy patterns. Once you're comfortable substituting other beads and materials, you can move on to variations with more complex seed bead patterns and projects. Customizing a seed bead pattern to your own personal tastes can give the finished beading project a whole new look, and giving yourself permission to play with your seed beads, colors and seed bead stitching can open up a whole new world of beaded jewelry design possibilities!

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How do you like to make your favorite seed bead patterns your own? Do you use your own color palette? Do you have a "signature" bead or crystal that you use? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your thoughts!

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