Swarovski Crystal New Product Launch Fall/Winter 2019-2020

Bring on the sparkle! Swarovski crystal releases their latest collection, just in time for building new designs for the holidays and into 2019. And just in time for treating ourselves to a new design, or two–something just for us. And “just for us” is the focus of the Swarovski trends presentation, highlighting the need for reflecting our own individuality and to Be Yourself.

To follow are direct quotes from the Swarovski crystal trends presentation, visuals to help inspire you, and a little insight on the new products. For more information on the new products and other ways to use Swarovski crystal products, visit: https://www.create-your-style.com/

In an era of “stuffocation” and data manipulation, with algorithms feeding us our product choices, consumers demand, not only to look different, but that their products are created to reflect their individuality. Driven by the “Selfie generation” even previous group activities, such as karaoke, are being overturned. And it does not end there, individualized technology called Ego-Tech, where technology makes actual consumption decisions for the individual consumer, has arrived.

Swarovski Trends for Fall/Winter 2019/2020

Check Yourself

Swarovski trends

Check Yourself trend flag

A renewed appreciation for vintage items highlights the creation of unique jewelry pieces with sophisticated, encrusted surfaces in crystal and pearl cluster designs appearing in brooches and modern settings for a younger consumer. As interior selfies become important, bold interior accessories experience a revival in an eclectic mash-up of directions. The extreme lo-fi meets high style direction, showcases the on-going desire for individualization across all segments – from jewelry through accessories to packaging and electronics.

Swarovski trends

Nostalgic muted mid-tones are how to get this trend done right.

Nostalgic muted tones reign in the Check Yourself trend. Swarovski crystals and pearls in crystal azure blue, crystal mint green, silk, crystal dark red, crystal silver night, crystal cream pearl, and padparadscha all fit in well here.

Find Yourself

Swarovski trends

Find Yourself trend flag

For fashion, the season sees the emphasis shift from protest to play in a slew of free-flowing layers as off-grid living engenders an anti-fashion sentiment in a mash-up of styles. Accessories become practical, paying homage to the worker and life-on-the-land, with elements upended to create a recycling mindset transitioning summer to winter outfits with folkloric influences, handstitched and embroidered elements all core design components.

Swarovski trends

The Crystal Lacquer Pro effect expands to include DeLite Effects, adding subtle, natural colors to the opaque line, perfect for Finding Yourself.

Warmth and authenticity are on point for the fall and winter seasons, no matter the trends. The colors on trend for 2019 into 2020 are predicted to include muted tones of green, burgundy, teal, light grey, and orange. Swarovski crystal colors that suit the trend are: crystal army green DeLite, crystal burgundy DeLite, crystal cappuccino DeLite, crystal iridescent Tahitian-look pearl (the latest addition to the pearl colors), crystal light grey DeLite, and crystal ochre DeLite.

Excess Yourself

Swarovski trends

Excess Yourself trend flag

Denim, in lightweight formats, begins to infiltrate and take over from the long-standing reign of Athleisure Chic, while accessories appear as pared-back iterations of eras past. Vintage designs, across all segments, become highly coveted to assist in the slowing down of throw-away culture with interiors referencing the deconstruction of traditional shapes to breathe new life into the known.

Swarovski trends

We all need a little Excess every now and again.

Swarovski crystal products to inspire you when creating a little Excess in your next design, include crystals and pearls in: burgundy, crystal buttercup, crystal iridescent dove grey, crystal ivory cream, denim blue, and jet.

Dress Yourself

Swarovski trends

Dress Yourself trend flag

Urban extravagance appears in clusters of pearls and crystals on fashion items, highlighting “Glamore” dressing – for any time of the day or night. Glossy, theatrical and lustrous elements step to the fore in party-ready looks, as grown-up glamour continues to rise as a counter-trend to the sportswear influence of seasons past.

Accessories are non-sensical and fantastical to highlight the all-pervasive sense of self and push the individual’s personality. Plush, darkly opulent elements arise in interiors and new segments to highlight the increasing more-is-more attitude.


The Dress Yourself trend bursts with brilliant, bold color and is a perfect place to highlight the new crystal iridescent Tahitian-look pearl.

The Dress Yourself trend is represented here by Swarovski crystals and pearls in: amethyst, blue zircon, crystal iridescent Tahitian-look pearl, crystal metallic sunshine, crystal velvet brown, graphite, and tangerine.

No matter which trend resonates with you, you won’t go wrong by adding a little sparkle and color to your next design. Up first for me will be something made with the new DeLites. I love the crystal lacquer Pro line as you can see in this bracelet. The new colors in the Pro line are truly divine and calling me!


Crystal lacquer pro bracelet with free project by Tammy Honaman.

Which trend is your favorite? Which Swarovski color (new or classic) is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.
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Choose your favorite then deck yourself from head to toe in crystals and color.

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