SuperDuos vs. Twin Seed Beads: Which Do You Prefer?

Twin seed beads: the original two-holed seed bead.
New SuperDuo two-holed seed beads.

After hoarding several colors of Twin seed beads over the last year, I nabbed my first sample of the new Czech SuperDuos during my visit to York Beads in Manhattan last weekend. I've heard from several beading friends across the country that they prefer the SuperDuos to the Twins, so I was eager to give them a try on my own.

Twins and SuperDuos have a few things in common: they are both two-holed Czech seed beads, and they are similar in shape and size. But the SuperDuo seed beads are pressed glass beads, meaning that they are made in a mold so that each bead is highly consistent in shape and size. Twin seed beads, on the other hand, are manufactured according to traditional Czech seed bead making techniques where the beads are drawn, cut, and tumbled, resulting in a more variable shape and size.

As I sorted through my new bag of SuperDuos, one big difference struck me: there was no need to cull out the misshapen beads because there were no misshapen beads. The SuperDuos were all perfectly uniform, and I didn't see any broken, chipped, or partial beads.

Beaded bracelet made with Twin seed beads and freshwater pearls.

Of course, uniformity is only one quality of seed beads that you should look for when choosing which beads to work with. I still enjoy the more organic look and feel of the Twin beads, and don't plan on getting rid of my sizable stash any time soon.

Other bead artists have done some experiments with both the Twins and SuperDuos. Christine of Good Quill Hunting did a wonderful project with one of her beaded necklace designs, working it up with both the Twins and the SuperDuos. Her conclusion? They both work just as well for the same bead-weaving applications.


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SuperDuo Two Hole Seed Beads:

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Have you tried using either or both of these new two-hole seed beads? What did you think?

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