Summertime and the Beading Is Easy

Summertime Memories

Fireflies, freshly mowed grass, s’mores on the crackling campfire at dusk, hide-n-seek till dark, root beer floats, sand in my toes, collecting seashells on the shore, bright sundresses and groovy sandals—all fond memories of summertime.Another summertime favorite of mine was the stretchy penny candy necklaces you could wear and eat! This offered me my first crack at jewelry design. I ate all the candy colors that didn’t “go together” in my eight-year-old’s color palette and proudly wore my masterpiece; that is until it melted in the hot sun, leaving my neck a bright, sticky mess!

My design sense has grown a bit more sophisticated since those early days, as I’m sure yours has, too. It’s a pleasure to be able to share and explore beads and jewelry design with you as the new Beading Daily editor. I am thrilled to be a part of the Interweave family and have been reading Beading Daily forever.  What an honor to personally be a part of it now. I'm  excited to hear your beady stories, see your creations, and share mine with you (tales of woe as well as go)! It’s a privilege to enter your studio each and every day, be it a cubicle or kitchen table, bringing with me a diverse background as international award-winning jewelry designer, author (Fabulous Fabric Beads), teacher, vendor, TV personality, Swarovski Ambassador, and inventor of Sassy Silkies handcrafted silk beads. My motto is Fearless Creativity; come join me on the ride (seatbelts optional).

Need some grown-up summertime inspiration that will bring back the fun? We have dozens of colorful summery projects for all levels, from easy to intermediate, with all projects 20% off through June 2, 2010. There are several designs that are on my summer “must make-it” list.

So you’re invited to grab a porch swing, a nice chilly lemonade (or a mint julep on the veranda), and start beading the summer away with me, my friends!

  Make Me a Butterfly
Colorful butterflies flitting about in fields of purple wildflowers and honeysuckles remind me of the carefree summers of my Minnesota childhood. I think Ginny Sycuro certainly captures this familiar breezy ambiance with her lovely lampworked Butterflies project. I’d like one in every color, please. How about you?

Butterflies by Ginny Sycuro

By the Sea
Mix jump rings and blue teardrops for a striking splash of summery seashore shimmer draping your neck and lobes with Michelle Mach’s Bluebells set. This is so easy to make! Plus, it lets you wear the beach around your neck all summer long.

Bluebells by Michelle Mach

Sassy Sandals
What says summertime more than sassy sandals? This simple square-stitched backdrop pops a cute sandal charm to wear with any of your casual summer fashions. This project is absolutely more than charming and fun for any age, from your BFF to your granddaughter.

Charming Memories by Nancy Zellers

Jingle Jangle Wirework
Jingle jangle your way through summertime festivities with this simple solderless wireworked ring. You’ll need dozens of these for your friends, so let’s get busy! And what "tween" wouldn’t wear this with their shortie shorts or bikini?

Cluster Ring Shank by Margo Farrin O'Connor

Color Crazy
Such bright brilliance embracing your wrist! Many colors of the rainbow say summertime as displayed in this fun lightweight bracelet sure to bring a smile to you and your peeps. I love working with colored jump rings and there’s a whole bunch in this beauty.

Hot Connections by Yvonne Irvin

New Light and Joy
In Japan, the dragonfly symbolizes new light and joy, perfectly represented in Arlene Baker’s Dragonfly Pin. Combine beadweaving with wired seed beads for a stunning summery adornment. This ladder-stitched pin is a Best of Beadwork project that’s really inviting me to spend a couple of summer evenings working on it.

Dragonfly Pin by Arlene Baker

  My new favorite summertime project: more bling for my new puppy, Bling! She needs a summertime collar dangle.  What's your favorite summertime project?  Share your ideas below.

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