Summer Vacation Means Bead Crafts For the Kids!

Memories of my summer vacations as kid include big bowls of fresh raspberries from my grandmother's garden, going for a drive to get ice cream with my parents, lazy days spent playing outside with my friends, and of course, spending lots of time doing craft projects with my mother and my sister. And those included lots of bead crafts, too!

Summer was the time I got my first "Indian" bead loom and started learning how to use beads for crafts. I learned how to take my mother's needlepoint patterns and translate them into beading patterns that I could make on my bead loom. It wasn't too long before I started teaching myself stringing and off-loom bead-weaving, too, and by then, I was hooked.

Now that my son is getting a little older, he loves to do bead crafts with me. He may not be able to string beads much smaller than his chunky wooden blocks on a shoelace, but he loves to use Play Doh while I make my polymer clay beads, and he loves to help me sort and package my beads.

If your summer plans mean that you'll be spending more time with children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews, why not pick out a few fun bead craft projects to make together? When you're finished, you'll have some fun memories and a cool finished bead craft project!

bead-crafts I can't think of a better way to store those special photographs of your summer vacation than in a bead-embellished scrapbook! Make the Stylish Scrapbook by Katie Hacker, and you'll have a place to keep your precious memories of summer fun.
bead-crafts Jean Campbell's Cool Cd Curtain is a fun project for kids to hang in their room — and a great way to teach them about recycling, too! Easy to make with a hole punch and binder rings, this curtain made from old cd's will add a unique touch to any kid's bedroom.
bead-craft What would summer be without a leather pouch embellished with beads? Even if your kids don't go to summer camp, they can still make their very own Medicine Man Pouch by Nicole Campanella. Every kid should have a pouch for their important stuff, like rocks, twigs, feathers, seashells, and pine cones collected during their summer vacation adventures!
bead-crafts If a rainy summer day is getting you down, whip out some beads and some leather cord and make up a few of these Double Whammy bracelets by Nicole Campanella with the kids! These easy to make beaded bracelets are great for both boys and girls. (They also make nice gifts for moms and dads, too!)
bead-craft For the kids who love to play with clay (like my son), these easy Paperclips earrings by Syndee Holt are a great way to use up your leftover bits of polymer clay. If you don't want to make earrings out of them, try attaching a pin back with some glue!

When you're doing bead crafts with kids, remember that the experience should be about the journey, not just the destination. Make the time you spend doing bead crafts with your kids fun and laid-back, and watch your kids turn into little artists right before your eyes!

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What's your favorite summer vacation memory? Does it involve beads? Leave a comment here and share your best summer memories with us!

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