Summer Trend: Copper Jewelry

Gold is definitely the metal a la mode of 2013; while it used to lend itself only to high-end, elegant jewelry designs, gold has quickly become the metal of choice in street fashion and costume jewelry. This transition seems to have paved the way for a similar shift in the ways that designers are using copper as well.

Copper isn't typically considered a precious metal (for me, it always used to say "steampunk" more than "fine jewelry"), but lately we have been seeing copper used in more sophisticated jewelry designs. In contrast to the way that gold will always carry an association with luxury and opulence, copper is a humble metal that conjures a more down-to-earth, return-to-roots approach to jewelry design. (Some food for thought: In this sense, the recent surge in the popularity of copper jewelry might be, at least in part, a reaction to the look-at-me flashiness of gold fashion jewelry.)

For a number of reasons, copper is quickly becoming the defining design motif of this summer's jewelry collections: It is an incredibly versatile metal that is easy to texture, color, or polish to a bright sheen. It pairs well with other trending materials like raw, unfinished gemstone beads and leather cord. Copper findings and charms have become a staple from vendors at very reasonable costs. 

Check out a few cost-effective but oh-so-pretty copper jewelry designs:

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