Summer 2014 Jewelry Stringing Submissions Guidelines Now Available!

It’s that time already–time to start planning the Summer 2014 edition of Jewelry Stringing! We have some fun ideas for this issue, which I’ll share below. Full guidelines are here. But before that there’s an important announcement I’d like to make:


Yes, it’s true. We’ve decided that all we need from you is a detailed supplies and resource list for every piece of jewelry you submit. We’ll write the instructions. Simple, right? We figured the easier we make it to contribute to our magazine, the more submissions we’ll get. Now some information to get your creative juices flowing. Below are the themes for the summer issue–find a theme that inspires you, then let us see what you’ve made. You never know–your project may just end up on the cover of the magazine!


Incorporating letters, words, and phrases into jewelry designs can elevate necklaces and bracelets from stylish accessories to sentimental treasures or bold statement pieces. While materials and techniques geared toward this trend abound (letter and word charms, alphabet stamps for metal/leather/clay, handmade wire letters, text clippings finished with resin or sealant) and should feature prominently in your designs for this theme, there is more to consider than just these textual elements. For example, think about choosing a color scheme that also reflects your selected word or phrase, or picking charms and findings that have a symbolic connection to your lettered message.


See our Pinterest inspiration board for this theme here.




Faceted stones are showing up in jewelry designs across trends, styles, pricetags, and tastes. For this section, we are looking for necklaces and bracelets that let chunky, faceted stones carry their designs. Note: Stones in this case refers to the shape of the materials you choose, not what they are made out of. Plastic faux gems and pressed-glass beads will be just as at home in this collection as cut gemstones; we are more interested in the materials being big, bright, playful, and faceted than being genuine gemstones.

See our Pinterest inspiration board for this theme here.



In honor of the bracelet-stacking trend that we are seeing on wrists around the world, we have decided to devote this entire section to stackable bracelets. For this collection, we’re looking for quantity and quality: We will be accepting submissions in sets of three or more bracelet designs, not individual pieces. The designs in each set should differ from each other, but obviously be part of the same cohesive collection. Consider using different materials in the same color for each design, the same technique executed in different colorways, a charm or bead shape repeated throughout complementary designs, etc.


See our Pinterest inspiration board for this theme here.



It’s time to think outside the beads. Here at Jewelry Stringing we believe almost anything can be turned into a captivating piece of jewelry with a little innovation and some elbow grease. If you step away from your conventional materials, you will start to notice that there are items you encounter every day that inspire you to flex your design chops and create unique jewelry pieces out of repurposed, upcycled, and reimagined materials.


See our Pinterest inspiration board for this theme here.



TO CONTRIBUTE, see our full guidelines here. The deadline is January 24, so start thinking about how you would like to contribute.


Danielle Fox

Editorial Director, Jewelry Stringing & Beadwork magazines



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