Studio Sunday: Create Your Own Portable Beading Studio

Not everyone has the space or resources for a full-blown beading studio. And even if you’ve managed to ferret out a corner of your house to devote to beading, sometimes you need to take your beading with you. Melinda Barta, former Beadwork Editor, shared some tips for creating your own portable bead studio.

Your Own Beading Studio

1. Find a sturdy box or tin to hold your beading mat and in-process project.
Portable Beading Studio, beading tin

2. Stock your kit with essential tools:
Scissors or another type of thread-cutting device
Beading Studio thread cutters
Pliers for pulling needles when necessary
Bead scoop for cleaning up spills
Portable Beading Studio, bead scoop
Tubes for storing beads
Various types of thread
Sketch pad for jotting down design ideas
(Don’t forget your beading needles!)

3. Hit the road with your portable bead studio!
Portable Beading Studio

Check out Melinda’s video about creating a portable beading studio then get yours ready for your next beading adventure, today!