String a Symbol of Your Creativity! Plus a Free Necklace Project

Leslie RogalskiGood-luck jewelry
On Friday the 13th, is it bad luck to talk about good luck? I’m kidding, I’m not superstitious. But when it comes to wearing lucky talismans, we all do it. I bet you’re wearing one right now. It may not be a literal good-luck charm, but every single piece of jewelry we create and wear has special power. Whether you simply string an intriguing found object or stitch beaded symbols of faith, at the very least your creations are imbued with the spirit of your craft, let alone any spirit of a Higher Power. 

The power of gemstones
Gemstones are said to possess power to attract or repel positives and negatives in our lives. Wear rose quartz to attract love, amethyst for good health. Hematite wearers are supposed to like that stone because it eases stress. Wear green to attract money, red for passion and protection. Personally I find magic in ordinary stones with a natural hole and water-tumbled, smooth round stones. Must be the Druid in me!

Symbols, signs, and charms
We love things that we believe evoke power. Our cultures and stories are filled with magical objects and charms that ward off evil, attract luck, and bring us health and prosperity. Some things widely regarded as lucky include ladybugs, four-leaf clovers, and dragons. The number 7 is considered lucky. Think 7th heaven, 7 wonders, and how the 7th child of a 7th child is supposed to be blessed. My favorite explanation is mathematical: Pythagoreans say the number 7 is perfect, 3 plus 4, a square and a triangle.

7 lucky projects
That said, here are 7 lucky projects that will certainly attract admiration and beauty, if not a winning lottery ticket, into your life. And your luck starts here with a free project, the Copper Swirl necklace. Learn how to string a multistrand necklace crowned with a copper swirl, ceramic focal bead, a cosmic symbol indeed! Be sure to subscribe to Stringing Magazine for a complete year of projects. Just your luck, you can subscribe right now!

Lucky Ladybug
by Merle Berelowitz

Widely considered lucky because they eat crop-eating bugs, ladybugs such as the one on this multistrand bracelet are also pretty darn cute.

  Harvest Goddess
by Melanie Brooks

From Stringing Magazine comes a necklace to honor your autumn garden. Create it and your garden will be sure to bloom for you again.

  Shamrock Pin
by Dustin Wedekind

Brick-stitch a four-leaf clover, believed to represent faith, hope, love, and luck.

Simply Charming
by Colleen McGraw

A wire necklace for any talismans you choose, for health, wealth or happiness.

  Chinese Dragon
by Frances Fawcett

Have fun with this playful wired companion. Dragons are symbols of success.

  Ancient Coins
by Denise Peck

Attract wealth by wearing coins, such as the ancient-looking ones in these easy wire earrings.

Your FREE cosmic necklace project!
Copper Swirl by Susan Johnston

String a spiral, one of humankind's oldest and most universal symbols of creativity in this lush multistrand necklace. You'll glow with personal power!


Look for dozens of designs for your favorite charms, talismans and gemstones in Stringing Magazine. Do you have a personal symbol that you wear to feel powerful? Share your story in our charmed Beading Daily circle here.

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