Stitch Up Some Beaded Beads

Beaded beads are a great way to use up leftover beads. You know, that small amount of beads you had left from the last design (or three) that won’t be quite enough to make another design with.

Beaded beads are also a great way to practice a stitch. I’ve made up a few “beaded beads” while practicing CRAW (Cubic Right-Angle Weave).beaded_beads

Beaded beads make a great component or accent in finished jewelry designs. Here are some of the CRAW beaded beads worked into a new pair of earrings using Swarovski crystals new Spring/Summer 2017 innovation, the radiolarian pendant.finished earrings

In “Bubble Wrap” from the Oct/Nov 2011 issue of Beadwork magazine, Cynthia Rutledge shares how to make a quick beaded bead using netting, then works the beads into a tubular peyote stitched rope.


Here’s how to created one of the beaded beads from this design (which starts on a row of beads from the tubular peyote rope):
Key –
Fire Polished beads – 3mm
Pearls – 6mm
(K) 1 g blue luster transparent lavender AB size 11° seed beads
(C) 1 g blue luster transparent lavender AB size 15° seed beads


Round 1: Use 3′ of waxed thread to string 1K and 1 brass pearl five times, leaving a 6″ tail. Tie a knot to form a circle that fits snugly around the beaded tube, but is loose enough to slide along the tube. Exit from 1K (Fig. 5-green thread).

Round 2: String 1C, 3 aqua fire-polished rounds, and 1C, then pass through the next K in Round 1; repeat four times to add a total of 5 nets. Continue through the next 2 aqua fire-polished rounds (Fig. 5-blue thread).

Round 3: String 1 aqua fire-polished round and pass through the fire- polished round at the center of the next net in Round 2; repeat four times to add a total of 5 aqua fire-polished rounds (Fig. 5-red thread). Repeat the thread path to reinforce, making sure the work still fits around the beaded tube. Exit from 1K in Round 1.

Rounds 4 and 5: Repeat Rounds 2 and 3 on the other side of Round 1 to complete the beaded bead.

Repeat the beaded bead’s thread path as necessary to reinforce and shape it. Secure the threads and trim.

beaded_beads on rope
You can find the instructions for the beaded rope and other beaded beads in the “Bubble Wrap” pattern download. You can find the complete Oct/Nov 2011 issue along with 15 years of other issues of Beadwork in The Beadwork 15-year Ultimate Digital Collection.Talk about having inspiration at your fingertips!


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