Stitch Pro: Stitching Daisy Chain

It's finally spring here in Minnesota, the place where I live. This past winter was like a bad guest, overstaying its welcome, but now the grass is green, the trees are budding, the tulips and daffodils have made an appearance, and my neighbors are creeping from their hovels like zombies, blinking in the sun and coming back to life.

Drunk with spring and woozy with the fragrant smells, I definitely have flowers on my mind…and on my beading table. I've actually been stitching daisy chain a lot these days, perhaps in honor of this wonderful time of year? Do you know how to do it? Follow along as I show you, step-by-step…

Daisy Chain

This stitch has many variations, but I'll teach you this basic version so you can easily see the individual "daisies".

For this project, you'll just need thread, a needle, and 3 different colors of size 11 seed beads (I'm using blue, yellow, and green).

1) Use 3' of doubled thread to string 6 blue beads, leaving a 4" tail. Tie a knot with the working and tail thread to form a tight circle.

2) String 1 yellow bead and pass back through the blue bead opposite the one you're currently exiting. This should seat the yellow bead firmly in the center of the ring of blue beads.

3) String 2 yellow beads and 6 green beads; pass through the green beads again…

4) …and pull tight to form a loop. Pass through the first green bead strung. Note: As you can see here, I like to pass through those green beads once more after stringing them because it makes the chain stronger and more shapely, but if you're in this for speed, you can certainly skip that extra pass-through and simply go through that first green bead once to form the loop.

5) String 1 yellow bead, pass back through the fourth green bead strung in the previous step, and pull tight.

6) Repeat Steps 3-5 to reach the desired length.

So that's one version of daisy chain. Keep your eyes open for an upcoming issue of Beadwork magazine, where I'll show this and other versions of this easy, fun stitch.

What do you know about daisy chain? Please share your thoughts on this stitch here on the Inside Beadwork blog.

Happy beading!

Jean Campbell

Senior editor, Beadwork magazine

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