Stitch Pro: A Traveling Healing Bracelet Stops at my House

As you've read in a previous post by Mallory Leonard, Sig Wynne Evans has developed a wonderful round robin of healing with her Traveling Bracelets Project.

Mallory's blog inspired Sig to design another bracelet that would begin with an Interweaver, and I was lucky enough to be the first recipient. Sig wrote in her note to me that the folks at Interweave "suggested that since you love the lakes and outdoors, perhaps I could design one with that in mind. So…I chose to design the bracelet with (your) state bird and flower."  I can't think of a nicer combo: the showy lady slipper and the loon are two great images (and heck, they may even be symbols of my personality?). This was an extra-special treat for me because I got to live with the Alpine bracelet a couple weeks prior, after recouping from surgery. I guess someone knew I still needed a little more healing.

Part of Sig's program is that you wear the traveling bracelet wherever you go for one week, taking photos and telling the story about your week. By wearing the bracelet, you not only take in the healing powers that Sig put into it while making it, but you add your own good energy for the next folks who wear it. So here's the story I shared with Sig:

It was a big work week, but on the weekend my sweetie Mark and I took a trip to Northfield, Minnesota. This sweet little town, home of Carlton and St. Olaf Colleges, is about an hour south of Minneapolis, where I live. (Boy, I knew menopause would be rough, but I didn't think my arms would get quite so hairy!)

It was an amazing autumn day. Overcast with interesting cloud formations and the landscape was dotted with beautiful fall colors.

We went to an art crawl there and saw our friend Heather Lawrence, a wonderful jeweler and artist.

The best part of the day was the little apple orchard where we stopped. They were selling apples, pumpkins…

…and apple mini-donuts! (Pretty sure that wearing the Minnesota bracelet made them calorie- and gluten-free.)

It was a lovely trek through the Minnesota heartland while wearing the Minnesota bracelet. While I got to live with it I did my best to add to the already good energy that Sig gave the bracelet. By being in its "home state", I hope the bracelet soaked up the healing powers of the place: The cool, crisp, clean air that comes with fall and winter and the promise of rebirth that comes with spring and summer. Thanks, Sig, for sharing yet another one of your beauties with the world!

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