Step Inside Bead Weaving Artist Agnieszka Watts’ Studio

Agnieszka Watts is a talented bead weaving designer and a frequent contributor to Beadwork magazine. She’s also one of our 2017 Designers of the Year and a popular teacher of workshops at Bead Fest! (Plan your trip at!) We recently asked Agnieszka to share her bead studio with us.

Q: Where is your current work space located?

A: I’m lucky to have my own recently enlarged “beading cave.” To tell the truth, the only piece of furniture entirely dedicated to my work is a huge desk. This desk is exceptionally practical for designing beadwork and storing supplies. I work on most of my projects there. However, many times I just pick up my beading board, put it on my lap, and park myself wherever I can find inspiration.

Step Inside Bead Weaving Artist Agnieszka Watts Studio

Agnieszka’s “beading cave”

Q: What do you love about your beading space?

A: I’m incredibly happy with the calmness exuded in my space. It’s a cozy and secluded room with absolutely stunning views of the forest and sky. My beading space connects me with everyone around the world who shares the passion of those magical objects called beads.

Step Inside Bead Weaving Artist Agnieszka Watts Studio

One of Agnieszka’s recent designs

Q: What’s the ONE thing you would change about your studio if you could?

A: I dream about having a small deck, which would allow me to spend more time suspended in the mysterious forest greenery of my backyard while beading. And of course I would like a lot more storage space! Having your supplies perfectly organized speeds up your design process. In addition, it helps you avoid the frustration of wasting too much time just looking for something.

Step Inside Bead Weaving Artist Agnieszka Watts Studio

Part of Agnieszka’s bead storage

For Agnieszka’s latest design in Beadwork magazine, check out the February/March 2017 issue and Quick + Easy Beadwork Winter 2017!

Lavon Peters

Managing Editor (former), Beadwork magazine

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See Agnieszka’s latest designs in Beadwork magazine!

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