Square Stitch Men's Bracelet

te Couple Cuffs
by Shelley Nybakke

Sometimes this job makes me feel like the equivalent of a beading fairy godmother. Beaders from all across the globe email me, asking me for different types of projects and I do what I can to fulfill those wishes. Over the last month, I've had a flurry of requests for beading projects for men. A perfectly reasonable wish, but one that I was having a difficult time fulfilling. And just when I thought I'd have to admit defeat–at least temporarily–the sky opened up (OK, so it was actually the Beadwork office)–and out dropped this fabulous square stitch men's bracelet by Shelley Nybakke. So for Rose, Karen, Amy, and all the others who wrote to me about men's jewelry, your wish is my command!

What makes this a men's bracelet? I'm not sure I know the answer–I actually like the men's version better than the women's in this his-and-her set. Here's what I think makes this bracelet "manly" (and please leave a comment if you disagree!):

  • Simple, clean lines (no fringy, foo-foo beads or fussy clasp)
  • Copper/brass color and metallic finish of the beads and clasp
  • Width–a nice solid inch–nothing delicate or dainty here!

I'd love to see your versions of this project–and I want to hear from the men on this list! Do you like this bracelet? Would you wear it? What kind of jewelry are you looking for? Tell us, please!

Instructor Tip: Knitting with Wire

"Wire knitting can be done with many kinds of wire: permanently colored copper, fine silver, sterling silver, gold-filled, even braided stainless steel. The important thing to remember when you are choosing your wire is to make sure that it is soft. It will harden as you knit, so starting with wire that is not soft will cause it to get too hard and break–perhaps before you've completed your project!"–Sharon Hessoun


Sharon Hessoun is teaching the classes Braided Combo Knit Bracelet (pictured above) and Silver Extreme Sparkler at BeadFest Miami in April. Space is limited–sign up for Sharon's classes and all the others at BeadFest Miami before they fill up!

Fiber Postcard Valentines


For those of you who like to play with both fabric and beads, Fiberarts magazine is looking for fiber postcard valentines to use in future issues or on its website. Editor Sunita Patterson said she'd love to see some fabric postcards with beads, as long as the beads are firmly attached!  Deadline is January 15, 2008. Learn more.

At left: Valentine fiber postcard by Carol Tamasiunas.

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Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. She is very tempted to make the men's bracelet for herself!

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