Spring Trend: Raw Gemstone Jewelry

One of the jewelry trends that has been popping up on my radar lately is the use of raw gemstones in jewelry. Instead of the polished, symmetrical bead shapes that we are used to, jewelry designers are embracing the beauty of the natural world by incorporating stones in their organic forms into their pieces.

The geological processes that create gemstones are truly remarkable (think, for example, of the unlikely set of circumstances that needs to occur at the atomic level in order for crystals to grow, or the incredibly high temperatures and pressure levels that must be exerted before a natural diamond forms). The unfinished edges and imperfect angles of raw gemstone beads remind us of these extraordinary conditions through which they came into being, bringing a new layer of significance to the jewelry designs that they are a part of.

Here are some of my latest favorites:

Quartz, pyrite, kyanite, and sea urchin spine necklace by yellowgrey.
Crystal necklace by Serefina.
Amethyst and pyrite ring by Unearthen.
Gold apatite crystal bangle by Aoko Su.
Chrysoprase ring by Mali Sabatasso.


What is your favorite gemstone to design with?


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