Spring 2013 Jewelry Stringing Guidelines Posted!

We have finally published our updated Contributor Guidelines for the Spring 2013 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine. A lot of thought and planning went into the themes for this issue and we can't wait to see the submissions that you all create!

Read through the complete set of guidelines and submissions instructions for this issue here.

The projects in our Spring issue will be organized into four different themed sections (each with its own color palette):


In anticipation of the upcoming release of the newest Great Gatsby film, interest in the styles of the Roaring 20s will be renewed. Jewelry you submit for this section should represent a modern twist on flapper fashions:  swinging lariats, tassels, rhinestones, pearls, and/or other design elements typical of Art Deco jewelry, such as colorful stones and geometric shapes. The Jazz Era was a colorful period, and so we’ve assigned to this section a palette of vibrant jewel tones softened by a neutral taupe.

View the Pinterest inspiration board for this palette here.

It’s spring, and the sun shines brighter every day. To celebrate, we ask you to design with these bright, saturated, look-at-me colors that lend themselves to fun, trendy designs. Use these bold hues as they appear, or give them extra punch by taking them neon. Materials you might want to use in your jewelry designs include plastic beads, colored chain, and bright crystals, rhinestones, and semiprecious stones. To match, consider shiny metals, such as bright gold, copper, and silver.

View the Pinterest inspiration board for this palette here.

As a counterpoint to our high-voltage category, we present this palette of bleached, chalky colors in upbeat, feminine tones-blush pink, dusty lavender, buttery yellow, pistachio green, robin's egg blue. It is a pretty but unassuming collection of washed-out, barely-there colors, colors that will lend themselves to soft, fresh jewelry designs. Consider using matte or pearlescent materials in these designs, and don't shy away from metallic accents.

View the Pinterest inspiration board for this palette here.

Named for the annual music festival that has become an unofficial showcase of the latest bohemian-chic and indie fashion trends, this palette is made up of natural colors with some added oomph. Jewelry you submit to this section might have a tribal or ethnic flair. Materials and motifs you might want to consider include metal feathers and arrows, leather and knotting, turquoise, and raw/unfinished beads and stones. Don't be afraid to make a statement! 

View the Pinterest inspiration board for this palette here.

 Submissions for this issue are due in our office by October 10th, 2012 (emailed presubmissions due by September 26th). Click here for the rest of the details concerning submissions for this issue. Feel free to email any additional questions regarding submissions for this issue to [email protected].



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