Spotlight on October/November Beadwork Contributor Jeanne Evans

First-time Beadwork contributor Jeanne Evans, whose enchanting bead-crocheted Rivendell Rope graces the October/November 2013 issue of Beadwork, was kind enough to spend a bit of time sharing her insights about the process of creating her necklace, submitting it to Beadwork, and going through the editing cycle with us. Her story may just tempt you to submit the beadwork jewelry you've designed and created—and that your friends keep telling you to get published!

BW: What inspired you to submit your design to Beadwork?
JE: I have taught several beaders to do bead crochet, but I wanted to go a step further and show them how to integrate some traditional beadwork with a bead crochet project. When I couldn't find that kind of information, I decided I had to create it myself! When my initial rope was finished I thought it might be a good learning article for Beadwork.

BW: What did you think of the Beadwork submissions process? Any tips from your perspective that you believe someone considering submitting would find helpful?
JE: I was, and am, most pleased with the submission process. Right from the get-go, Linda communicated with me, as did other members of the staff when they had info or need answers from my end. I must say I was pleased as punch that my design was accepted; it has given me a renewed confidence both in my ability to create worthwhile beadwork and to write and communicate information in a comprehensible way for other beaders. It's great to be able to share and encourage others to try something new. I encourage other beaders to submit their work; writing a pattern is a challenge, but it also affords a different type of growth for the beader!

BW: What do you hope someone who makes your project gains from the experience, aside from a lovely, handcrafted piece of jewelry?
JE: I hope that those who haven't tried bead crochet, or have tried it and given up, will try again. Anyone with a question is welcome to email me for assistance—and to share photos with me of their work. [Editor’s Note: Find Jeanne’s email address in Oct/Nov 2013 Beadwork, at the end of her Rivendell Rope article.] I also hope beaders think about combining little bits and pieces, as I did, to create a finished project that looks well and wears well.


Have you had your beadwork published? Share your thoughts about the process in the comments below. If you haven’t had anything published but have been wanting to start down that path, share your fears and hopes in the comments below, and I’m willing to bet you’ll get lots of encouragement from others in the beading community.

~Linda Harty, associate editor, Beadwork

 Jeanne Evans, Beadwork OctNov 2013 contributor
Jeanne Evans
 Rivendell Rope by Jeanne Evans, Beadwork OctNov2013
(Click to enlarge photo.) 

Rivendell Rope by Jeanne Evans, Beadwork OctNov2013
(Click to enlarge photo.) 

Rivendell Rope by Jeanne Evans, Beadwork OctNov2013
(Click to enlarge photo.

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