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Human beings have prized gemstones for hundreds of years. In addition to their natural beauty, gemstones have also been coveted for their perceived mystic powers. Gemstones are believed to help heal, bring good luck and fortune, and enhance the abilities of those who wear and carry them. Even if you don't believe in the "powers" of gemstones, you can see for yourself how gemstones have the power to heal. Just sit down with a gorgeous strand of gemstone beads in your favorite color and shape and stitch (or string) them up into a piece of jewelry. I'll bet by the time you've finished that piece, you're feeling relaxed and happy again, right? If you're making that piece of gemstone jewelry for a friend or loved one, that's another way to see how gemstone beads bring joy!

To celebrate the power of gemstone beads, we've brought you this free eBook Gemstone Beads for Jewelry Making: 4 Free Gemstone Jewelry Making Projects Plus Bonus Guide to Using Gemstones.

While there are plenty of high-end gemstone beads available, buying gemstone beads doesn't necessarily have to hurt your budget. There are plenty of low-cost gemstones available at bead shows, bead shops, and online. Marlene Blessing has shared some of her gemstone bead-buying expertise with suggestions for what stones and cuts to look for that can save you money. And because it's also important to know if a gemstone bead has been treated (dyed, heated, lacquered, bleached, or otherwise enhanced), you should take a look at the handy reference chart provided by Jean Campbell that details the abbreviations you should see on gemstone strands and beads that are sold by reputable dealers. 

Even the industry experts have their favorite semiprecious gemstone beads, and you can check out five recommendations for semiprecious gemstone beads that are popping up in bead shops and bead shows.  Pair them with the suggested beads for today's hottest jewelry looks!

Finally, once you have your new gemstone beads, look through the four FREE projects for some inspiration. You can start your journey with Linda Richmond's Net Full of Gems, an easy stitching project that uses beautiful (and affordable) gemstone chips to create a bold netted choker. Move on to Michelle Mach's Sari Sunrise and see how elegant jade and Adventurine can be when mixed with silver chain. Mile Marker 219 by Annie Hartman Bakken combines sterling silver findings, seed beads, and Unakite to create an earthy necklace. Finally, harness the energy of your favorite gemstone donut and freeform peyote stitch in Tina Koyama's Stone Soup Donut necklace.

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For me, gemstones have always held a fascination and mystery that I can't explain. As a college student many years ago, I sat in wonder and learned how each of these stones formed deep inside the earth over millions of years. It still amazes me to hold a beautifully cut and polished gemstone bead in my hand or wear one around my neck and feel the connection between me and the planet. Start your own personal gemstone journey today by downloading Gemstone Beads for Jewelry Making: 4 Free Gemstone Jewelry Making Projects Plus Bonus Guide to Using Gemstones. You never know where the path will lead you!  

What's your favorite gemstone? Share it here on the blog!

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