Special Occasion and Holiday Jewelry

More than 3,200 Beading Daily readers filled us in on beading for special occasions. In response to the question, "What one special occasion or event usually inspires you to design a new piece?", fifty-three percent said, "I design for many special occasions—I can't pick just one!" Surprisingly, the second most popular answer (14%) was "I never design jewelry for special occasions or events." The events that inspired jewelry most often were birthdays, holidays, vacations, and weddings.

Tatted Bridal Set with Beads
Here are several very different holiday/special occasion beading projects. The first is a tatted bridal set is from PieceWork magazine. Looking at this beautiful piece, I'm reminded of how nicely beads fit into many different crafts. Adding beads to another craft you enjoy, like quilting or knitting, might be just the creative challenge you're looking for.

The second project is a bead embroidered heart pin that Amanda Berka created in a class taught by Amy Clarke Moore.
Amanda's Heart Pin
I liked how Amanda used the traditional colors for Independence Day (red, white, and blue), but not a traditional shape (a heart, rather than a star). The holiday tie-in is there, but it's subtle. This pin has made me rethink my ideas about holiday jewelry!

The last project is the Lacework Tiara Necklace below which was inspired my a designer's memories of working on prom decorations. Even though a piece may have been made with a special occasion in mind, you don't need to limit yourself to only wearing it on special occasions. Our graphic designer Kat created a version of this necklace with unakite, rather than sunstone, and she wears it to work sometimes. Think of it like using the good dishes for a weekday dinner—sometimes it's just fun to celebrate an ordinary day!

Kat's Lacework Tiara Necklace
Original Lacework Tiara Necklace
by Monica Lehn 

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