Soldering Jewelry: Whip Up a Little Magic!

Solder Alchemy

I love incorporating geometric metal shapes into my beadwork and stringing designs. However, sometimes I just can’t find the exact shape I see in my mind, so I turn to wireworking to create that shape. Of course, I want the shapes I make to be strong and stay attached to the piece of jewelry they’re on, so I’ve turned to soldering to create joins.

I’m pretty new to soldering, so I figured I’d see what I could learn from some of the books in the library in the F+W office. I found Laura Beth Love’s Soldered Alchemy, and it’s become my go-to book for all things solder! Not only does this book cover basic techniques with great instructions and helpful photographs, but it also offers many unique and creative ideas for using solder as a decorative element of pieces themselves! Before I found this book, I thought of solder only as a utilitarian means to join the ends of metal, but I’ve been inspired to use it in so many more ways!

Get your copy of Soldered Alchemy today and check out all of the fantastic ways you can use solder to add another layer of embellishment to your jewelry designs!

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Anna Harvilla, Assistant Editor, Beadwork and Jewelry Stringing

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