Social Market For a Mirrix 2014 Now Accepting Applications

Mirrix Tapestry and Bead Looms has launched their 2014 Social Market For a Mirrix Campaign, and it's your chance to get a free Mirrix loom and show the world what you can do with it!

How does it work? Submit an application, and if you're accepted, you'll be required to create blogs and posts for social media to talk about your experience using the Mirrix loom and other beading supplies and products that you'll receive as part of the program for the duration of the campaign. If you're creative and have strong writing and blogging skills, you might be perfect for this program!

Why should you think about applying for the Social Market For a Mirrix campaign? One of this year's Beadwork magazine Designers Of the Year, Christina Neit, was one of the very first participants in the Social Market For a Mirrix Campaign. I asked her to share her experiences in the campaign with us!

As one of two people chosen for the very first Social Marketing for Mirrix, I was quite honored and surprised to find out I had won. I was chosen to do beadwork on the Mirrix loom and the other participant was chosen to do fibers on her new Mirrix. At the time, I lived in Maine and Mirrix was based out of New Hampshire. We chose to meet at Caravan Beads in Portland, Maine to pick up my loom ('Big Sister', which I chose because of its sizing and the ability to also use it for fiber one day) and they were also having a Caravan Beads employee day to learn how to use the looms they would be selling at Caravan. This was a great opportunity and something very personally exciting to me because this got to happen in person and with all the people who worked at Caravan Beads, as I was a frequent customer and I would also get to see demo first hand.

It was my obligation as the Winner, to put out videos and blog frequently about the Mirrix. Claudia and Elena are fantastic Ladies to work with and all around really nice and genuine people! I ended up putting out 5 videos, which are available on YouTube and blogged quite a bit. I even made a section for my website 'Fun With Mirrix', dedicated to all things Mirrix. I have switched websites since and that is no longer around. I do intend to get that onto my new website as soon as I have some extra time.

The Mirrix loom is what I have called the 'Cadillac' of looms since acquiring it. The construction of the loom is amazing, durable and offers many features. They have a few smaller ones which I would like to purchase some day.

This was one of the most exciting and memorable times I have had since I started beading. I love to be put to a challenge and being able to work with such remarkable people made the whole event so worthwhile. I would do it again in a heartbeat! I highly recommend anyone having the opportunity should jump on it!

I am also one of their official instructors for the Mirrix, so if anyone in my area wanted to learn bead weaving on the Mirrix, they could contact me from the Mirrix site and we could arrange a meeting time to have a lesson.

If you want to learn more about Mirrix Looms and the 2014 Social Market For A Mirrix Campaign, check out the Mirrix Looms website. You'll also find lots of great information, tutorials, and videos about using the Mirrix beading and tapestry looms.

Look for more of Christina's work in the pages of Beadwork magazine this year, and take a look at her website, Good Quill Hunting, for tutorials, finished jewelry, beading contests, and beading challenges!



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