Snappy Sandals and Other Sunny Accessories

I'm pretty sure I've been in love with these sandals since last summer. I honestly don't recall when or where I came across this photo, but I've had it saved on my computer ever since. Made by Etsy artist, Gabriela Pomplova, the beaded portion is actually a pair of "barefoot sandals" that are worn between the toes (see inset). Slip them on under your favorite pair of sandals, and the great thing is, anyone call pull off this fun look!


Beaded embellishments are a playful way to jazz up your summer wardrobe. Following are a few more beaded summer fashion finds:

Don't you just love the beaded fringe and rhinestone focal piece on this clutch from Anthropologie?


This breezy tunic from Sundance features tiny brass beads across the front for just a touch of class.


The jeweltone floral motif on this headband from Anthropologie would freshen up any outfit!


I adore the muted color palette in this vintage beaded ring from Ruche.


What can be easier than adding an embellished belt to your summer dresses? (Belt by Anthropologie)


And I couldn't resist throwing in a photo of this adorable beaded dog collar from Sundance!

Whatever your summer brings, have fun accessorizing your whole wardrobe with beads!


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