Small is Beautiful: New miniDuo from Matubo and Beadsmith

Just when you thought two-hole seed beads couldn’t get any cuter, my friends over at the Beadsmith have introduced the miniDUO to the beading world! These itty bitty two-hole seed beads are the same shape as your favorite SuperDuo two-hole seed beads, but 25% smaller. They come in over 100 different colors, and have the same consistent, uniform shape as the SuperDuos two-hole seed beads.

Nela Kábelová

Nela Kábelová

These sweet little shaped glass seed beads are perfect for mixing in with your favorite Czech fire polished beads, gemstones, and even tiny freshwater pearls to create all kinds of fun beaded jewelry designs.

Nela Kábelová

Nela Kábelová

Just like the SuperDuos, the miniDUOS are pressed glass beads, so they are highly consistent in shape and can be combined easily with SuperDuos. They’re a fun way to miniaturize your favorite SuperDuo beading projects! These glass beads will be available from your favorite local bead shop on or around August 1, 2015. The Beadsmith Inspiration Squad have been working on creating lots of beautiful beaded jewelry designs using these new glass beads.

Looking for more inspiration on how to use two-hole seed beads? Check out some of our past blogs about two-hole seed beads, including SuperDuos:

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