SLK's Resin, Bezels, and Bling, Oh My!

Kristal Wick
Kristal Wick
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What can I say about Susan Lenart Kazmer (SLK for those "in the know")? I've had the pleasure of taking her classes, teaching, brainstorming, sharing trade show stories, and sipping the grape together! Seriously, her flow of inspiration never stops; I've seen a few sputters here and there, but for the most part, brilliant ideas gush forth every waking moment!

Susan is 100% responsible for one of my fave addictions, resin, " Oh, the places you'll go…" to quote Dr. Seuss. One of the best qualities of creating resin jewelry is anyone can do it! Susan shares her invaluable tips and techniques in her Exploring Resin Jewelry-Making DVD, but I'll warn you right now-have all the tools, bits, and pieces you need BEFORE you watch the DVD because you'll want to start the minute you push the OFF button. And you won't stop either. I warned you….

Artist Studio Visit

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Susan in her private Ohio studio. The location and set up is every artist's dream, a block from the lake. Very Mayberry RFD-ish with Uncle Moe's ice cream parlor across the street, and everyone says "hello" when passing on the sidewalk.

Of course we had a blast and I felt like I won the creativity lottery! I left drool marks in various spots about the studio, (hope she didn't notice).  One of the most impressive artistic luxuries I found was an entire room dedicated to Susan’s resin process. Very clean and intentionally out of the hustle of the main studio.

Filled with her fab Ice Resin (the kit is available at the Interweave Store). No pet hair here!

I'd love to share some behind the scenes and candid shots of my exciting visit.

Susan and myself entering her studio full of
treasures and antiquities galore

SLK giving me the tour
Ahhh, now the "resin" room
SLK fishing through "Pandora's box" One persons junk is another's treasures A table full of reshly cured resin
Layering rustic found objects and resin Close up of a beauty with painted
paper, burnt edges, embedded in resin
Chilling with SLK

Not everyone gets a peek into SLK's private studio tour. Thank goodness there's more Susan, tips, techniques, and charming inspiration captured in her Exploring Resin Jewelry-Making DVD.  Get some girlfriends together and dive into the wonderful world of resin!

Come bead with me.


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