'Sister Moon' hanging

Worked in 90 Degree Off-Loom Stitch (90DO-L –sjm Nov 1997) using size 11 seed beads (white-op, black-op, gray-transl, purple-transl) then stitched to a flat metal piece formed into a circle (recycled a windshield wiper metal support).  Pattern adapted from a knitting pattern (sun pattern; can be seen in background) in the 'The Tap-Dancing Lizard' book (Catherine Cartwright-Jones, Oct 1992, Interweave Press; black&white with color inserts).  Hung from a 'moon' stand (replaced tea light holder).  Pattern (cover sheet) beneath 'Sister Moon' is the full hanging pattern (sun pattern is adapted from 'The Tap-Dancing Lizard' sun pattern; moon adapted from same; elements put together in printed cover sheet).  Full instructions not in photo.  Other samples of 'sun' pattern in photo.  Part of display (04-29-2006).

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