Silver Spacers Take Center Stage

We often think of silver rondelles and daisy spacers as just that—spacers that add a bit of silver sparkle here and there in a piece. The Serenity Blossoms necklace features more than 350 small silver beads. The back of the necklace is just silver rondelles, giving a solid, crisp silver look to the back of the necklace. The glass beads, which normally take center stage, are not actually the focal point. They add color and interest, certainly, but this comes off as a silver necklace with bits of pink/orange glass, rather than the reverse. This is a great little design trick! For your next project, take something that is usually in the background—your stringing material, your tiny spacer beads—and move it to the forefront. Think of this as the Melinda Doolittle trick from American Idol—take your background singer and make her a star!


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