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If your 2014 New Year’s resolutions include Be more confident or Get organized, I have some tools up my sleeves to help you tackle these at the very start of the new year!

Ask yourself: how often are you guilty of stashing away finished projects in the depths of your closet and the bottom of your drawers? For many of us, this is a common occasion. It’s often a miracle to find both earrings to a set or to fish out an untangled necklace from the heap of our collections.

I’m here to help you solve this problem! After all the time and hard work put into your jewelry it’s time to get confident and display them for all to see… PLUS, as an added bonus your organization will be top notch!

Below are the most creative and chic methods (
found on Pinterest) for storing, displaying, and organizing your accessories! Click each photo to find out who made them!

For more tips and blogs to find similar displays like mentioned below, see 101 Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings 2013.

For Necklaces

Screw vintage knobs into old barn wood for a rustic/
shabby chic look.

Hammer nails into a branch to hang necklaces.
Add paint decoration or leave natural.

Use an old rake for many prongs to hang your
jewelry on.
Frame a cork board covered in burlap. Use paint
for extra detail.


For Bracelets

Use Vintage bottles to display bracelets
and watches.
Paint an old frame and attach yarn, lace, ribbon,
etc. and hang your bracelets with clothespins.

Place small dishes atop candlesticks
for a perfect pairing.
Hot glue a small candlestick in between one large and one small plate. Large accessories on bottom, small on top.

For Earrings

Just my cup of tea! Hang earrings around the
edge of your favorite mug
Use an old cheese grater for rustic charm.

Attach lace to the back of an old frame
to hang dangles or studs.
Sleep soundly knowing your dangles
are organized on dream catchers.

Add hooks to an old printer's drawer. If there are
large compartments you can hang necklaces and
bracelets, too!
Turn a pegboard into a smorgasbord of
your best displayed jewels. Frame with molding.


Made any displays of your own? Comment below and share what you have done!


Megan Lenhausen

Assistant Editor

Jewelry Stringing & Beadwork

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