Shhh, Dont tell . . . Jewelry-Making Secrets from Kristal and Marlenes DVD

TV . . . It's a glamorous life . . . so they say!

Marlene Blessing (Editorial Director, Interweave Books) and I recently had a taste of that life, and we're here to tell you a little about behind the scenes of that so called glamorous life! While filming our new DVD Mixed Media: Jewelry Making with Handmade Beads, Crystals, Resin, and More!, all didn't go as smoothly as it looks on the final DVD! Shhhhhh, here's a couple of secrets only for you Beading Daily peeps!

One of my fave things about taping professional DVDs and TV segments is that there's a "professional" makeup artist. I live in Colorado and truth be told, I bead better in sweat pants, sandals, hair and face au natural! But I do feel mighty confident when someone else is in charge of my face and especially hair! Our makeup call is between 7and 8am. Each of us has a paper towel with our name on it with lipstick and makeup blobs for touch ups throughout the day. We're always messing up our hair with the quick changes but someone usually catches any fly-aways or "holes." I said USUALLY…all went well until my WireLace segment. You'll know what I mean when you see it…someone should've taken a brush (fly swatter, wooden spoon, SOMETHING) to the back of my head….

Marlene and Kristal with the giggles Luscious fabric cuffs A mani-pedi? Nope, Smoochie Inks

That's my story, here's Marlene's…

I'd love to tell you that prepping for step-by-step on-camera jewelry-making demos is smooth as butter for me. But the road to filming is a bumpy one, full of false starts, delayed bead supplies, missing tools, barking dogs, outrageous snacking, and designs that look great in my head but lousy on my worktable. Oh yeah, and there are the beads and the fingernails I break.

What were my missteps on the way to filming my new DVD Mixed Media: Jewelry Making with Handmade Beads, Crystals, Resin, and More! with the fabulous Kristal Wick? There were plenty. Here's my fave, the one that made my antiperspirant fail me. I had a vision of a gorgeous mixed-media necklace made from vintage jewelry pieces (the kind that collect dust because you forgot they were cool or you lost one earring).  Problem? The pieces I owned didn't fit the vision, and I only had a couple of days to collect more and git 'er done. Thanks to my costume jewelry goddess, Janetta, I scooped up lots of vintage jewelry bits from the bargain bin in her Denver antique store and ran all the way home to get cracking. Now you know: My slip is showing! But I think you'll love the fun results.

There are more blooper stories, but that's all we'll divulge at this time! We know you'll laugh along with us and make some exciting mixed-media jewelry inspired by our latest DVD, Mixed Media: Jewelry Making with Handmade Beads, Crystals, Resin, and More!

The best is yet to bead!



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