Sherry Serafini, Bead Embroidery, and Rock and Roll

I first met Sherry Serafini around 2005. I flew out to her home in western Pennsylvania, we spent the day together and I flew home that afternoon. It was a whirlwind of a trip but also wonderful. The purpose of this visit was to hash out a project Sherry would be teaching on the television program, Beads, Baubles & Jewels; Sherry was going to share some of her signature bead embroidery techniques as well as another design. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Sherry Serafin,i bead embroidered bracelet for Beads, Baubles & Jewels

Bead embroidered cuff, by Sherry Serafini, for Beads, Baubles & Jewels

I didn’t know Sherry personally but did know of her amazing bead art. Within the first 10 minutes of meeting Sherry, it was easy to see, not only was she an artist, she was a beautiful woman, loving mother, loving dog owner, and a gracious host.

Sherry Serafini, fringe bracelet, for Beads, Baubles & Jewels

Fringe bracelet, by Sherry Serafini, for Beads, Baubles & Jewels





Throughout the day, while we worked on Sherry’s upcoming segment, we spent free moments sharing bits and pieces of our personal stories. I think I developed a girl crush somewhere around lunch.

Sherry was just so at ease with herself and who she was. She talked, shared, and beaded all at the same time. Dipping into this cabinet, that container, or this dish to find just the right beads for the next stitch. All the while, making sure I had all I needed to be comfortable in her home.

In a matter of what seemed like minutes, and right before my eyes, Sherry had different pieces of beadwork assembled for us to work into the flow of her project. This was an easy assignment and one I’m so glad to have been part of.


Mixed media cuff by Sherry Serafini, from her website:

Mixed media cuff by Sherry Serafini, from her website:

A few other things I learned about Sherry that day:
How she came into beading: In the late 1990s, Sherry had been exploring different mediums, looking for the “one” thing that worked for her as an artist. While in the hospital, sitting next to her mom’s bedside (her mom was recovering from a serious accident), Sherry found comfort in beading through these days while her mom recovered (and she did!) and it became her medium of choice from there on out. To this day, Sherry shares her passion in beading in hopes others will also find the comfort she came to know during those difficult days.


rockandrollpurseHer personal style: Sherry was casual, easy going, and a total rocker. Although a kindred spirit having grown up a rock and roll fan myself, there was something Sherry took the honor roll home in I had clearly missed in the class “How to be a rocker: 101.”

Geneis New Hangout, bead embroidered purse, as seen on Sherry's website

Genie’s New Hangout, bead embroidered purse, as seen on Sherry’s website

Fact that blew me away: Not only was there a picture of Sherry with Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith) on a side table. Mr. Tyler was wearing one of Sherry’s beaded pieces and she actually knew him! And Sherry not only knew him, she was working with him on other designs, working with him directly!

Sherry still designs pieces for Mr. Tyler to this day and has designed pieces for other amazingly talented musicians, including: Fergie (of the Black Eyed Peas), Melissa Etheridge and Lenny Kravitz. Sherry remains thankful for these opportunities and is glad to be connected a little bit to those she admires.

Found object pendant, by Sherry Serafini

Found object pendant, by Sherry Serafini




As a woman and mother: Sherry loves her daughters, fiercely. She adores her grandbaby! Sherry gives of herself unconditionally. She is strong, independent, and amazingly kind and generous.

As an artist: Sherry’s talents know no bounds. She follows her path and continues to bring light into everything she does.



Bead embroidered cuff, by Sherry Serafini

Bead embroidered cuff, by Sherry Serafini

I enjoy spending time with Sherry as our paths cross at shows, and I long for days where there is time and space to spend a day with her again.

Meanwhile, it was great to read the lovely article recently done by Lavon Peters in the April/May issue of Beadwork magazine. And if we want a bit of Sherry’s personal style, she also shares some of herself with us through her videos and kits, the most recent being her Found Objects Kit which comes with her Adding Found Objects to your Beadwork video download

Thank you Sherry, for all you share of your passion, so we too can find the joy in beading that you do. And thank you again for having me to your home, it really was a wonderful day.

Happy beading,


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