Sensational Shaped Beads: Tila Beads

I fell in love with Toho’s Tila beads when they first came onto the market. The square, two-hole design makes it possible to create a huge variety of bead weaving designs. Since their introduction, oodles of shaped beads have become available that make it easier to stitch creative beaded jewelry. I’m going to put on my stovetop coffee maker (affiliate link) and then get beading!

shapead beads: Regina Payne’s Flower Garland Bracelet

Regina Payne’s Flower Garland Bracelet

Flower Garland Bracelet

Regina Payne designed this Flower Garland Bracelet using circular netting and ladder stitch. The connected components are a pretty take on the floral trend. This bracelet is a clever example of using just a few materials to create a dynamic piece of beaded jewelry.

shaped beads: Monika Pienkowska’s O La La Bracelet

Monika Pienkowska’s O La La Bracelet

O La La Bracelet

Bangles are so fun to make and wear! This O La La Bracelet is designed by Monika Pienkowska. She cleverly combines Tilas and Half Tilas with seed beads and O beads in a simple variation of peyote stitch. The half-stripe pattern is eye-catching and easy to make in your favorite color palette.

shaped beads: Christine Nordlund’s Tectonic Tilas Bracelet

Christine Nordlund’s Tectonic Tilas Bracelet

Tectonic Tilas Bracelet

The Tectonic Tilas Bracelet by Christine Nordlund takes the bracelet concept in a whole new direction. The Tila shaped beads stand on end and the square elements are joined in a zig-zag pattern. Use right-angle weave to create the linked elements and choose your favorite shank button as the closure.

Create Beaded Designs with Shaped Beads

What’s your favorite shaped bead? Get tips from Melinda Barta in Not Your Average Seed Beads: Invite Unique Shapes Into Your Beadwork in this Online Workshop. Her top five tips for using shaped beads are not to be missed!

Happy beading,
Katie Hacker
Interim Managing Editor of Beadwork

Try your hand at beading with Tila shaped beads:

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