Shaped Beads: INFinity Minis and Es-o Minis

Bead of the Week: 2 Shaped Beads

There’s always excitement around the office this time of year. The bead and jewelry teams have been out and about and are just returning from a week in the sun at the annual Tucson bead and gem shows. There was so much eye candy to be had, with only a fraction of the latest and greatest fitting into my suitcase for the trip back home!

Shaped Beads: INFinity MInis and Es-o Minis. Eso Ombre bracelet by Cecil Rodriguez The BeadMaster USA booth always has exciting new shaped beads to show off, and their most popular this year seemed to be the two-hole Es-o Minis, which nestle oh so perfectly to create beautiful dimensional shapes like the flower petals in the Eso Ombre Bracelet shown here by Cecil Rodriguez.

Shaped Beads: INFinity MInis and Es-o Minis. Beaded beads necklace.A favorite of mine are the two-hole INFinity Minis, which mimic the look of seed beads in a jewelry design, as evidenced in the gorgeous beaded beads shown in this beautiful ombre necklace.

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All photos courtesy of BeadMaster USA


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