Shape Shift Your Beadwork with Kassie Shaw

Kassie Shaw has been busy stitching beads! And she’s a shape shifter…well, she’s shape-shifting within her beadwork, that is.

In her video, Shape Shifter, Kassie covers a lot of techniques and options so you have a bevy of ways to take your designs. A quote from her that summarizes the video: “My Shape Shifter collection is based on a motif of crystals and pearls. By changing the way the motifs are connected or by playing with colors, a seemingly unlimited number of variations can be created. The Diamond Lattice variation is made with motifs. The motifs are then attached by the corners with simple right angle weave connectors.”

Shape-Shifter Beadwork

Kassie starts off her Shape Shifter video covering the basics of creating the crystal and pearl shape-shifter motif.

Kassie Shaw's crystal and pearl shape-shifter motif

Kassie Shaw’s crystal and pearl shape-shifter motif

She shares ways to take this one shape and create completely different looks — hence the shape-shifter moniker. Kassie also covers a few different ways to connect these shapes together. We’re now confident and ready to move on to creating her Vintage Lace design. And although this bracelet begins at the clasp, which can be a tricky place to start when learning a new stitch, Kassie is right there with us, bead by bead, so this isn’t tricky at all.

In her Shape Shifter video, Kassie Shaw covers adding the clasp bead by bead.

Kassie covers adding the clasp bead by bead.

Once established, the design is moved along to incorporate “RAW connectors.”

In her Shape Shifter video, Kassie uses RAW connectors to join her shape-shifter motifs

RAW connectors are used to joins shape-shifter motifs.

Bead by Bead

From here, the design just flows with color, shape-shifter motifs, and more of these wonderful RAW connectors, which make the design fluid and very wearable.

Kassie joins more shape-shifter motifs, changing up the colors to create a beautfiul design

A great illustration showing shape-shifter motifs being joined by RAW connectors

Not leaving us hanging to finish on our own, Kassie shows stitching each bead all the way to adding the second half of the clasp.

Bead by bead, Kassie shows how to create her Vintage Lace bracelet from start to adding the 2nd half of the clasp.

Bead by bead, Kassie shows how to create her Vintage Lace bracelet from start to adding the 2nd half of the clasp.

Throughout, not only do you have Kassie on screen to rewind and replay, you have her excellent and very clear illustrations to work with as well.

At Interweave we are celebrating all Kassie has been creating. I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest you also preview her other new videos in the “Beadweaving Beyond the Basics” series: Double Diamond Right-Angle Weave;  Layered Right-Angle Weave; and Faux Right-Angle Weave. 

Kassie has shared so much of her talent and passion with us — have fun exploring more bead weaving beyond the basics with her.

And happy beading!


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Updated March 3, 2017

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  1. Heather F at 12:26 am March 25, 2017

    Hi Kassie,. Where did you get those amazing colored pearls??!?

    • Tiffany Warble at 5:03 pm March 28, 2017

      Debbie (our beading guru) was able to locate the original pattern for the Kassie Shaw bracelet and here are the materials used. Though she did not source them in her pattern they all can be found at, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, or We included the sizes of all beads as we thought that might also be helpful. Enjoy!

      Size 11/0 seed beads
      3mm crystal bicones
      3mm crystal pearls
      2-hole magnetic foldover clasp

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