Sensational Shaped Beads: CzechMates Cabochon Beads

Two-hole CzechMates glass cabochon beads keep drawing my eye in beaded jewelry designs. They’re domed on the front and flat on the back, similar to traditional stone cabochons. The stringing holes are close to the back, so the cabochon beads pop up a little bit and add dimension to bead weaving designs.

I love the colors of the cabochon beads! A lot of them are right in line with gemstone colors, so they’ll mix beautifully with stone beads as well as seed beads. Tip: Arrange your beads in a paint palette (affiliate link) for inspiration and organization as you bead.

Like all two-hole shaped beads, cabochon beads allow for interesting design possibilities. Here are some stylish patterns to get you started.

Melinda Barta’s Tic Tac Toe Cuff

Melinda Barta’s Tic Tac Toe Cuff

Elegant Bracelets

Melinda Barta’s Tic-Tac-Toe Cuff uses cubic right-angle weave to create patterned sections. The colors are metallic seed beads mix with lustrous two-hole cabochons for a high-end look. You’ll also want to check out the Avonlea Bracelet by Melinda Barta on the Beading Daily blog. It’s inspired by a garden trellis, features a similar combination of metallic and lustrous colors, and uses negative space as a design element.

Lisa Jordan’s Veta Pendant

Lisa Jordan’s Veta Pendant

Eye-Catching Pendants

The Veta Pendant by Lisa Jordan uses circular netting to create an eye-catching pendant. At first glance, I thought this was a filigree component with beaded embellishment. It makes the design even better to know that you can create the whole piece from scratch. The turquoise/copper combo is my favorite, but I can see making monochromatic pendants in birthstone colors for girlfriend gifts.

Silke Steuernagel’s Japanese Fan Earrings

Silke Steuernagel’s Japanese Fan Earrings

Lustrous Earrings

Symbols of prosperity, these pretty little Japanese Fan Earrings by Silke Steuernagel are woven in a netting variation. These earrings are perfect for beginners or bead weavers who are looking for a quick make. Once you make one pair, you’ll want to make several! Use the suggested color combinations or use the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report Spring/Summer for inspiration: coral and royal blue; lilac and toffee; red and navy.

Have you been bitten by the shaped beads bug? Are you inspired by CzechMates cabochon beads? I’d love to hear about your favorite shaped beads and what you’re making. Please leave a comment below.

Happy beading,
Katie Hacker
Interim Managing Editor of Beadwork

Add pizzazz to your next beading project with shaped beads like CzechMates Cabochons.

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