Seed-Bead Braids

I'm Kate Wilson, Junior Project Editor for Jewelry Stringing and Beadwork magazines. I've been stringing beads for about 15 years, and now I'm jumping into beadweaving. However, I still love and will always continue working on stringing projects.

While scanning the Pinterest boards (I'm obsessed), I noticed the ever-so-popular braided-hair look is one of the biggest styles this summer. So I thought I'd give it a try with my jewelry.

This project was super easy and fun to make. Since I have such an abundance of seed beads sitting around my house from practicing my peyote stitch, I decided to dig into my stash. I simply strung 7 strands of seed beads, tied the strands together at the ends, covered the knots with knot cups, and attached the clasp. The result is simple and sweet (and piggybacks on another fashion trend: color blocking).

Here's what I used:
*Gray and matte rose size 11° Japanese seed beads
*FireLine 6 lb braided beading thread (again, because I had plenty at home-but beading wire would work fine)
*Size 10 beading needle
*Leaf bead tip knot cups (from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads)
*Lobster clasp and jump ring

What summer fashion trends are you incorporating into your jewelry?

Happy stringing!

Kate Wilson

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