See What One Reader Created With A Free Twisted Herringbone Stitch Project

Beader (and friend) Kristen Stevens

Herringbone stitch is one of my favorite beading stitches for making beaded chains that highlight a spectacular focal bead or centerpiece. It's particularly well-suited for large or heavy focals because its thread path creates a strong rope or ribbon-like structure. A few months ago, I shared a lovely herringbone stitch project by Beadwork magazine Designer Of the Year Leslee Frumin on the Beading Daily blog, and my good friend Kristen Stevens of Avalon, New York took it and ran with it, finding a way to make it her own.

Luna Flight by Kristen Stevens, twisted herringbone ribbon inspired by Leslee Frumin

Kristen is someone who I've been writing to since my days as the Guide to Beadwork, and even though we both live in upstate New York, we're far enough away that it seems the only time we can get together is at Bead Fest Philadelphia every August. It's always the highlight of my day when she and I track each other down and get to sit down and have lunch together before we go trekking through the show floor to see what beady goodies we can drool over together.

I've watched Kristen as her talents for combining textures and colors in her beadwork have blossomed into a beautiful expression of herself, and I was absolutely tickled to see how she took the herringbone strap from Leslee Frumin's Purple Anemone project and used it to highlight a handmade ceramic focal bead by Blueberribeads.

Kristen's choices in bead shapes and colors really made this project sing!

Kristen loved the twist of the herringbone ribbon, and I love the way it adds a sense of movement to the handmade ceramic moth focal pendant. Kristen also decided to experiment with using peanut beads on the edges of her twisted herringbone ribbon, and it paid off — the interlocking glass beads added some unusual texture to the strap, and played off the colors found in the handmade ceramic focal.

What I truly love about this piece is how Kristen is the perfect example of how, through our beadwork, we can all come to realize that each of us has something special to offer. Wouldn't you agree? You can read all about Kristen's process for choosing colors and stitching this piece on her blog, My Bead Journey: Embracing Me One Bead At A Time. Bravo, Kristen! I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

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What do you love most about herringbone stitch? Is it the versatility of the stitch? The fabulous twists it makes for beaded ropes and ribbons? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and tell me what you love about herringbone stitch!

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