Sedona Sunset Bracelet by Shanna Steele

Shanna Steele’s designs continue to impress, with her Tucson Vista necklace and bracelet and her Moroccan Moonlight Necklace gracing the cover of Beadwork magazine. Keep reading to find out more about the inspiration behind Shanna’s Sedona Sunset Bracelet, which is a lesson in not giving up.

Sedona Sunset Bracelet

“Years ago, I created a wire wrapped/chain maille bib necklace using 8mm gemstones. When I found out I was being considered for Beadwork Designer of the Year, I attempted to recreate that design using the same beads, but with SuperDuos and seed beads instead of eye pins and jump rings. I really wanted to wow the editors and have a true showstopper of a piece, something that would be worthy of not only the Designer of the Year title but also the cover.

With much vision and determination, I worked on that necklace for days. I stitched the first row and found it looked too much like my Tucson Vista necklace, so I cut it up and started over. I got two rows done, and the geometry wasn’t working out quite right; the “concho” pieces weren’t aligning properly. I finally had to admit to myself that the elaborate project I had envisioned really just wanted to be a bracelet.

Sedona Sunset Bracelet

I stitched the first row, then added the second. I added the seed beads around the edges, but something was still missing. That was when I had the idea to embellish the center section with smaller gemstones, which gave the piece a completely different look and structure. The Sedona Sunset Bracelet, though not what I initially envisioned, has now become one of my favorite pieces. I am very proud of how it turned out, and I love the lesson in the story of the piece: If at first you don’t succeed, try again. And again. And again.”

—Shanna Steele
Beadwork Designer of the Year 2018

Find it today in Beadwork June/July 2018.

Use two-needle circular peyote stitch to create Shanna Steele’s Sedona Sunset Bracelet, with an aesthetic inspired by Native American handmade jewelry and conchos.

Sedona Sunset Bracelet

Techniques: Two-needle circular and flat peyote stitches

Project level: Intermediate

2 g galvanized saffron permanent-finish size 11° Japanese seed beads (A)
14 g matte metallic copper 5×2.5mm 2-hole SuperDuos (B)
11 g matte dark bronze 5×2.5mm 2-hole SuperDuos (C)
30 turquoise 4mm howlite rounds (D)
16 turquoise 8mm howlite rounds (E)
1 antiqued copper 15mm toggle clasp
Black 6 lb Wildfire thermally bonded beading thread

2 size 11 beading needles

Finished size: 7 3/4″

Sedona Sunset Bracelet

Artist’s Tips:
• Using loose tension will help the components flex and bend the way they’re supposed to.
• Count your beads carefully! If you make a mistake, your work will be uneven and will cause problems with the embellishments.
• Use a thread color that matches your beads. The nature of this weave is airy, and the thread will show in the spaces between beads.

SHANNA STEELE is a self-taught jewelry designer who worked for many years as an instructional designer and purchasing/product manager in the bead and jewelry supply industry. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with her husband, their toddler, two dogs, and a room full of beads. To see more of Shanna’s designs and purchase PDF instructions and kits of some of her favorite projects, visit

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