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I recently fell in love with a necklace and decided I wanted to make my own version(future blog post to come!) My first step was to research and pick my beads. This was WAY more challenging than I imagined, and I will admit it took me all afternoon. Why was this so difficult for me? Colors. So many colors.. and a little bit of my internal perfectionist. I fell in love with the color scheme the designer had chosen and was tempted to choose the same ones as she had. This is my problem: I find one color scheme I like and I want to repeat it in everything I make. But with this being one of my first jewelry projects I wanted to use a set of colors I wouldn't normally choose. I finally came up with a scheme I love and bought my beads right away. I know challenging myself in this way will pay off when I finish my piece and know I made it my own!

I've pulled together some color schemes made by HappyGirlDesign. in hopes that next time you're in my shoes you'll be able to find some inspiration here and save yourself an afternoon of searching for schemes!




I hope these schemes will get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to challenge yourself with color just as I did! For more ideas, take a look at my color scheme Pinterest board.

Have you played with any fun schemes of your own? Comment below and tell me about it!


Megan Lenhausen

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