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Beaded wedding jewelry, and finely crafted beadwork itself, has come a long way in the last ten years. When my husband and I got married in 2003, I decided to do something a little more adventurous with my beaded wedding jewelry than just your standard string of pearls or dainty crystal necklace. I found a peyote stitch beading pattern of a small cluster of roses, and then hung moonstones from the beaded fringe below it. (The moonstones were important, since we got married on the night of a full lunar eclipse!)

I was inspired by the beadwork of artists like Laura McCabe when I saw some of her bridal commissions on her old website. This beaded wedding jewelry was unlike anything I had ever seen — it was full of color and form, and I knew instantly that I wanted to do something different for my own beaded wedding jewelry.

If you're inspired to break with traditional beaded wedding jewelry and do something a little more daring, check out some of my favorite beaded necklace projects from the Beading Daily shop:

beaded-wedding-jewelry If you prefer traditional beaded wedding jewelry, but still want something with a little more sparkle, take a look at Marcia DeCoster's Summer Soiree beaded necklace. Using clever beading and embellishment techniques, Marcia has turned a simple crystal pendant into a beaded wedding necklace that will be the perfect accessory for your wedding dress.
beaded-wedding-jewelry Sticking with the tradition of using pearls for your beaded wedding jewelry, why not try something a little bolder than a basic strand of small freshwater pearls? Cody Westfall's Tahitian Holiday can be made with any color pearls, making it a great option for your wedding party jewelry.
beaded-wedding-jewelry Now, I know Melanie Potter's Byzantine Jewels necklace doesn't exactly look like wedding jewelry, but I think that if this were beaded up with cream colored pearls and seed beads, this would be a knockout piece of beaded wedding jewelry. Paired with a simple wedding gown, you could let your beaded wedding jewelry make the statement on your wedding day!
beaded-wedding-jewelry Lisa Kan has always been the Queen of Romantic beaded jewelry, so for me, including her Ice Princess necklace in my list of runway-worthy beaded wedding jewelry is a natural. The gold metallic seed beads and crystal drops will look great at your wedding, no matter what the season!
beaded-wedding-jewelry Finally, to round out my list, I chose Nancy Zeller's Petite Charm Pendant. What I like about this necklace is its longer length, making it a nice piece of beaded wedding jewelry for a bride who opts for a non-traditional wedding gown. It also makes a fabulous necklace for the mother of the bride or groom, and a wonderful gift for anyone in your wedding party.
Star-Crossed Bracelet by Laina Goodman

If none of my picks are to your liking, don't worry. There are lots more great beaded wedding jewelry projects just waiting for you in the Beading Daily Shop. And now through August 10, 2012, all beading projects are on sale! So even if you find more than one perfect beaded wedding jewelry project, you can stock up and let your friends and family help you choose the perfect jewelry for your big day!

Are you busy planning a wedding? Or did you do something spectacular and different for your own beaded wedding jewelry? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and tell us about it, or take a photo of your unique or unusual beaded wedding jewelry and post it in the Reader Photo Gallery.

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