Rubber Stamping Polymer Clay Beads

Make Your Own Beads with Polymer Clay and Rubber Stamps 

Isn't it funny how you sometimes start out in one craft and end up going back to it years later? I used to be into rubber stamping–on paper–so this Rubber Stamping Polymer Clay Beads project from Making Polymer Clay Beads by Carol Blackburn was definitely one that caught my eye. It had been so long since I used my rubber stamps that I had to run out and buy a new ink pad!


While I have used polymer clay before (see my huge butterfly project), I had never used Puppen Fimo, the kind of clay that Carol Blackburn recommends for this project. Puppen is used by doll makers and is very smooth, not sticky, with a nice finish. The only drawback is that it seems to only come in large quantities (my package was a little over a pound) and isn't quite as easy to find as regular Fimo. (I ended up ordering mine from a shop that specialized in polymer clay. Art supply stores or those that carry dollmaking supplies might also carry it.)

I'm going to work on this project in the next couple of weeks. I'd love to know if anyone else decides to try it too. It would be fun to share our photos on Beading Daily.

 Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

"Where do you get your inspiration?" is one of those questions that artists, designers, and other creative types get asked a lot. I'm sure it's a question that Lori Peterson, the lampwork artist who created the floral beads in this week's featured project (Afternoon Tea by Sandi Wiseheart), has been asked before. After viewing Lori's website (, I felt confident I could easily answer the "inspiration" question for at least some of her work! (That's Lori's dog, "The Puppy," in the second photo.) 


Three Wireworking Tips from Easy Wire

  • "Use two pairs of flat-nose or chain-nose pliers (or a combo of the two) to open jump rings. Round-nose pliers work, but will mar the metal."
  • "For fast, easy coils, use a Coiling Gizmo, a tool with which you make coils on a coiling rod by turning a hand crank."
  • "When cutting memory wire, make sure to use shears made for this purpose. Otherwise, you risk permanently damaging your good wire cutters."



 Are you working on your challenge project yet? November 2 might seem far away, but it will be here sooner than you think!

Coming on next week: More projects from Easy Wire and Step by Step Wire Jewelry, photos of work by Beading Daily readers, bead embellishment tips, a new poll, and more!

Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. This morning she woke up with an idea on how to finish her pearl necklace that she's been working on for a few weeks. Oh happy day!

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