Round and RAW!

After reading Jean Campbell's Beading Daily blog post, I figured I could show some of my work which incorporates the two. I've been beading since I was very young – but wire is a siren song to me. I choose to meld the two in my work – it keeps me very happy!

These two little lovelies have their roots in RAW stitch – but go on from there to also incorporate textile techniques ( I designed and created patterns for knitwear for many years) All cold connections, hollow, sterling and Swarovski. I'll probably LOS the larger bead, too – but it is nice to see it shiny!  I've included my plier tips in the pic for scale.

I'm going to echo Jean – how do you incorporate metal into your beadwork designs? Or Beadwork into your metal designs? :^) I wanna see!!!!!!

Perri Jackson

Shaktipaj Designs

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