Rose Gold Jewelry: A Summer 2014 Trend

rose gold

Many women seek out unique jewelry that not everyone is wearing. Rose gold is one way to stand out.  Although rose gold findings are more common than they used to be, they're still much harder to find than sterling silver, brass, or copper findings. 

What is Rose Gold?

Traditionally, rose gold is a metal that mixes yellow gold and copper.  It sometimes contains silver, according to Mixed Metals by Melinda Barta and Danielle Fox.  The rosier versions have more copper, so they're less expensive than those containing more gold.  You can also find items that are rose gold in color only or plated with rose gold on top of copper or another metal.  Always read product descriptions or ask if you're not certain what you're buying!

On Trend Today (and Tomorrow!)

Rose gold shows up regularly on trend lists for jewelry, particular in the spring and summer. In 2010, The Los Angeles Times published an article titled "The Vintage Appeal of Rose Gold Jewelry."  In 2012, Cosmopolitan published an online feature titled "Cool Ways to Wear Rose Gold." And in spring 2014, Teen Vogue published an online article proclaiming rose gold "the new metal in town."  (I'm starting to think that the long winter freezes our brains, causing us to rediscover this metal each year!)

Wedding Jewelry

Rose gold is an especially popular choice for wedding jewelry since it's flattering to all skin tones and works well with traditional wedding materials such as diamonds, crystals, and pearls.  It can also be less expensive than yellow gold, making it possible to accessorize all the bridesmaids and flower girls as well as the bride. Celebrities are attracted to rose gold for their wedding jewelry. In 2008, actress Katie Holmes wore a diamond engagement ring set in rose gold.  In 2013, singer LeAnn Rimes wore one.

Using Rose Gold in Jewelry Designs

To show off rose gold in your jewelry designs, try these fail-safe combinations with your rose gold findings, beads, pendants, or charms:

  • Bright sterling silver makes a design more versatile as most women will be more likely to see silver as a neutral that goes with everything. Plus, the mixed metal trend doesn't show any signs of stopping!
  • Earthy dark brown gemstones like bronzite or smoky quartz adds richness and depth.  It also helps to create a design that can be worn into autumn.
  • Coral or rose-colored beads accentuate the metal's rosy tones.
  • Turquoise pops with rose gold.  (Tip:  If you'd normally use copper in a design, try rose gold instead.)
  • Clear, white, or ivory beads make the metal, not the beads, the star of your design. 

If you've used rose gold in your jewelry designs, what are your favorite ways to use with it?

Resources:  Because of its increased popularity, you can find rose gold findings in many shops, including some of the big box craft stores.  Pictured here:  Wire lace: Lima Beads.  Heart charms: Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. Ear wires: Shipwreck Beads. Clasp: Rings & Things. End caps: Beadaholique.

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