Romantic Projects and Versatile Techniques

Beaders, arm yourselves with a treasure trove of techniques and inspirational projects to incorporate into your own designs! So many of the projects in Best of Beadwork: 12 Romantic Projects are real confidence boosters for me as I set out designing my own beaded jewelry for the first time. There are so many gorgeous projects that I want to make and wear as they are, and I can also use them as starting points for new, original pieces. Each page offers design elements that I can modify to make my own, or that I can turn into something completely new! There’s so much inspiration in this eBook!

Some of the beaded components, like the peyote stitch spacers from Nancy Cain’s Pearl Romance necklace, would be great used in so many other ways and designs. And with a few tweaks, I can make unique spacers based on, but different from, the spacers shown.


Lori Stroner’s Elizabethan necklace is another inspirational piece for me. I love pearls, but I’m always afraid of using them in an original design and wasting them. But as part of a beaded bead, I know that however I choose to use them, I’ll end up with something stunning. I can easily see myself making beaded beads based on the design shown here to use in different pieces. And if you’ve read any of my other blog posts, you’ll know that this also plays into my love of the beaded bead. I’m nuts for the intricacy of all of the different surfaces and finishes used in a beaded bead.

Cascading Links Bracelet, by Cynthia Rutledge, is yet another project to arm beaders with new skills to use in original pieces of their own design. Use this pattern to create beautiful bezels to make any piece sparkle! Cynthia’s use of magatama drop beads to form a picot is clever, and I know her little drop picots are going to find their way into my design repertoire!

I hope you find yourself as inspired as I am by both the fabulous jewelry and the versatile techniques in the 12 Romantic Projects eBook!

~Anna Harvilla, Assistant Editor, Beadwork and Jewelry Stringing

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