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One thing I hear from a lot of beaders and see in comments on Facebook is that sometimes people just want a quick, easy project to do in an afternoon so they have something new to wear. I'm also one of those beaders, so I get it. I think that's why Quick + Easy Beadwork is my favorite special issue I've worked on yet. I was lucky enough to be very involved in the issue and I got to edit all the projects. I would make and wear any one of the projects in the magazine, and I really fell in love with Melinda Barta's Coachella Earrings.

She used 2-hole Czech glass bricks and peyote stitch to create these chic, modern, architectural ear candies.One key to the success of these earrings is the thread path Melinda used to avoid excessive thread show. Without thread "bridges" between beads around the edges of the earrings, the jewelry maintains a clean, professional look.

They're so simple, but with the right outfit they make a big impact. When Melinda saw how enamored I was, she gave me a couple pairs. I am so delighted to have them! They've quickly become some of my favorite accessories!

How do you keep clean, tidy threads from showing in your jewelry projects? Share with us in the comments section below, and be sure to check out Quick + Easy Beadwork when it hits newsstands October 8!

Bead chic!

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