Quick + Easy Beading Project

How many of you jewelry artists out there have dipped your toes into beadweaving?

My take on the Brick Tracks Bracelet
by Marjorie Schwartz

I, myself, never had until this past week. In fact, the thought of it actually made me nervous. I take one look at some of the beautiful projects featured in Beadwork magazine, and I think there is no way my inexperienced mind could wrap itself around those stitches! I'd surely have questions on the very first line of the instructions!

However, I have been aching lately to increase my knowledge about the subject but needed to ease myself into the hobby, starting with a project I could manage. So, I picked up a copy of Quick + Easy Beadwork, and decided to try my hand at Marjorie Schwartz's Brick Tracks Bracelet, made from peyote stitch (a technique I was new to) embellishments and two-hole brick beads and cylinder beads. I loved this bracelet the moment I saw it because it's extremely wearable and can be dressed up or dressed down!

I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I was able to pick up the stitches and techniques. The instructions and illustrations were a breeze to follow, and the whole bracelet only took me an afternoon and cost me less than $20… not to mention the pride I gained from learning a new skill! While I still have techniques to improve upon, I plan to do so by tackling the many other projects I tagged from the issue!! I'm waiting patiently for the next issue, which releases in early October.

If you haven't already, I challenge you to pick up a copy of this issue, set your fears aside, try your hand at beading, and share your experiences with me!

Happy Beading!

Megan Lenhausen

Assistant Editor, Jewelry Stringing & Beadwork magazines

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